If you have family and friends to help you that's great!  Their love and willingness to help is wonderful, but consider: can they step back from their own feelings to focus on your needs (remember, your changes impact them, too); do they have the time when you need them; do they have the expertise and resources to work with you through this emotional transition?

Jane Zaremski (Lady Jane) can help! I focus on YOU – that’s my job. With compassion and empathy, I guide you through the process, and as member of NASMM, have the resources to help you rightsize, move, or live more comfortably at home – all while reducing the stress on everyone involved.  

Senior Move Managers®  are professionals who specialize in assisting older adults and their families with moving and rightsizing.

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) is an organization dedicated to helping seniors and their families with their transitional needs.  Members must adhere to a Code of Ethics, be insured, and participate in continuing education.

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​​​​​De-cluttering, reorganizing, or even re-purposing existing rooms is what rightsizing is all about. Whether moving to smaller digs or staying put, do you feel that your surroundings match your lifestyle?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of where and how to start?  You're not alone!  

Lady Jane's can help make your living spaces safe, efficient, and more comfortable.

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